Stress Free Christmas Challenge Week 1

Let's take the next 5 weeks to start preparing for the holidays. It's the busiest time of the year, so I have mapped out the next 5 weeks into a series of steps that will help us feel like we don't need to tackle our to-do list at once.


                                                                                          WEEK 1 SUMMARY:

1. If You had guests over Thanksgiving, start stripping the beds and starting the laundry. 

2. Clean the high-traffic areas from the busy Thanksgiving weekend. let’s Vacuum, Dust, clean bathrooms, and attack the clutter spots.

3. Clean out the refrigerator. Wipe it down and if you have any Thanksgiving leftovers, create new meals from them, or freeze them up. Check out my video on using up your holiday leftovers here. 

4. Clean out your pantry to get ready for the next round of baking & Cooking.

5. Make a menu plan & a grocery list. This is for the treats you’ll be baking up for your own home, neighbors, co-workers, family, friends, etc. Map out what you’ll be contributing to parties, your own parties & Potlucks.  Don’t forget the regular menu planning as well. I like to make up a batch of freezer meals before the holidays so when we’re running around we have a meal ready to throw in the oven or slow cooker. 

6. Before we can take out our Christmas decor bins we need to pull out our fall/Thanksgiving bins and start putting the decorations away.

7. Make your Christmas card list, gather addresses, and buy stamps.

If You're Ready For Week 2

Check out these videos to help get you going this holiday season.

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