From time to time I get invited to guest star on a variety of podcasts. I’m so thankful for every opportunity to share my thoughts, talents, and opinions. Here are a few podcasts that I was honored to be on. Enjoy!

This week, Christine sits down with Kimmy from She’s In Her Apron for a candid conversation about the joys and challenges of motherhood, marriage, and making a living on the Internet. The fellow YouTube moms share their wisdom on parenting kids of all ages, setting boundaries, dating your spouse, and much more!

In this episode, I sit down with Kimmy to dive into overcoming stereotypes, authenticity, and fears. Kimmy and I chat about how important and incredible your community is and how to focus on giving them the value they deserve.

Kimmy’s “why” is so strong and it’s the driving force behind her channel. She wants women out there to know that you can overcome imperfections. She wants women out there to know they are not alone. Sharing her journey and her progress over perfection is what drives her to continue to create.