“Blogger Kimmy Hughes of “She’s In Her Apron” has made a name for herself stockpiling food. She has a pantry filled with cans of soups, canned meat, and vegetables — enough to feed her family for an entire year. ”


Kimmy Hughes shares her DIY Ultimate Hot Dog Bar she did for her son’s graduation, and it was a hit! The entire spread comes together in no time at all, and there is something for everyone!”

“Make meal planning a breeze by keep certain foods on hand in the freezer to create easy and fast meals.  Kimmy Hughes shared the best way to do “fast food at home” – how to prepare freezer kits to stay one step ahead of dinner. Rather than assembling an entire meal and freezing it, freeze each of the ingredients individually in a one-gallon-sized Ziplock baggie. That way, everything you need for dinner is in one convenient place.”

I’m so thankful for everything I’ve been part of! This has been a fun adventure over the years.