Food Storage Plan For 2021

All year I have been sharing what we should consider stocking up on for our 3-6 month emergency food storage.  Consider this journey as creating an extended pantry. I know when we hear the phrase food storage or emergency food storage we can draw a blank, feel overwhelmed and get a little anxious. If you don’t know where to start check out my video on a 3-month food storage plan. I also suggest when you need to buy 1 thing now, grab one or two for later.  Each month of this past year, I have been sharing certain items to stock up on for each person in your home.

Here are the videos to see each month in action:

January Food Storage Plan– Toiletries, 72-hour kit, & Bread Making

February Food Storage Plan– Breakfast Food & Oats

March Food Storage Plan– Tomatoes, Pasta, & First Aid

April Food Storage Plan– Soup, Fish & Beans

May Food Storage Plan– Condiments, Spices & Emergency Cooking

June Food Storage Plan– Grains, Vitamins & Bread Making

July Food Storage Plan– Summer Snacks, Food & Canning Motivation

August Food Storage Plan– Fruits, Vegetables & Build Your Pantry

September Food Storage Plan– Freeze-Dried Fruit, Meats & More

October Food Storage Plan– Oils, Fats, Winter Prep

November Food Storage Plan– Holiday Baking

December Food Storage Plan- Baking Basics, Power & Light

I am no genius when it comes to these things. I have done a lot of research and found a ton of amazing websites to help guide us. One site that has been my number one resource is Valerie from Food Storage Organizer.  She is a gem, and the perfect resource to go to if you’re new to building your food storage.  I give her and my church are my main go to’s.  on Amazon, you can find my main go-to book for food storage, LDS Preparedness Manual.


once you have some food storage, now what? Coming in 2022, we’re going to be making and planning meals from our food storage. I’m excited to learn more and I can’t wait to take you along with me.